Current Price List for Mountain Glen Harps LLC

Gut and Nylon Strung Custom Model Prices

Current as of 1/1/2022

These prices include:

  • All solid hardwood construction, with five-sided staved sound boxes. Four sided sound boxes ancient style always also available.


  •  Harp necks are two or three layers of all solid hardwood on larger models, and two or three layers on lap sized and smaller harps.
  •  Soundboards are always solid tone wood, forty year air-dried Engelmann Spruce.


  •  Full sets of Loveland   sharpening levers on all strings, on nylon and gut strung single and double strung harps, with Camac or Truitt levers at additional cost.
  • Camac sharping levers are available for the additional cost of $5 per lever.
  • Truitt sharpening levers are available at additional cost, currently (as of 1/1/22), add $15 for each Truitt lever.


  •  All custom designing of harp shape and style, and the construction of same. Custom designing of string note range, string spacing and string tension. Custom shaped tuning key of matching hardwood.
  •  Full five year warranty on construction and materials, except for strings and hardware.
  •  Gut strung harp models are the same prices, plus an extra charge, for gut strings. Please inquire about gut strung prices, for a specific harp size.

Options at additional cost

Custom sewn Soft Padded Harp case in your choice of colors.

These cases are made with a durable, water-resistant, 420 denier nylon with a thick 3/8 ”  foam pad and fully lined. The padding is light weight and bump-resistant. The zipper is a heavy-duty nylon with a special closure to keep the zipper away from the harp. Our cases have adjustable webbed shoulder straps as well as easy-carry handles and a roomy side pocket.

Please specify color: royal blue, purple, forest green, teal, gray, maroon, black, or tan.

Actual detailed carving, sculpting, painting and inlay work is at additional cost. I have decorated many of these custom harps with custom Carving, Sculpting, Painting, and inlay Work of crystals and beautiful gem stones. The carivng has many times been fully in-the-round 3-D sculpting, with inlay and releilf work to compliment the sculpted forms.

I am very good at matching your artistic ideas and desires to match your budget, giving you as much of the ‘look’ and style, with as much or as little of the imagery you have in mind. Just give me a call or email me to share your ideas for your Magical Dream Harp.

 Complete extra sting set for your custom harp. Each string set is priced individually. Markwood Heavenly Strings, custom make all my harp strings, with the exception of my gut strings.

 Single String Band Harp Prices

Small Lap Sized Custom Harps

Prices do not include custom harp cases. If you do wish a soft case included in your order, I will be happy to adjust the price accordingly, just ask !

These small lap sized harps, can be built to be quite compact in size, light in weight, and yet will still have a full rich voice. Any size up to 25 strings, with a note range going down to ‘G’ below middle ‘C’, are usually compact enough to travel with, and are a comfortable size to play on your lap.

To add a soft padded case to these smaller sized harps, there is an additional cost of  $315

  • 19 Strings…………..$2,325
  • 20 Strings…………..$2,470
  • 22 Strings…………..$2,670

Mid Sized Custom Harps

Prices do not include custom harp cases. If you do wish a soft case included in your order, I will be happy to adjust the price accordingly, just ask !

 These next mid-sized harp models are compact enough to still be portable, but have a greater note range and larger sound volume that the lap sized ones.

To add a soft padded case to these meduim-small sized harps, there is an additional cost of  $335

  • 25 Strings…………..$3,125
  • 26 Strings…………..$3,295
  • 27 Strings…………..$3,425
  • 28 Strings…………..$3,695
Small Floor Custom Sizes

To add a soft padded case to these medium sized harps, there is an additional cost of  $365

  • 29 Strings…………..$3,850

  • I have as of 01/2022 decided to stop building harps larger than 29 strings for single strung models since turning 69 this  January. I previously did build larger models, up to 46 strings.

For current prices on electric-acoustic harps, please visit my Electric  Harps information page.

For current prices on my Laser Beam multimedia MIDI Harps, please visit my Laser  Beam Harps  information page.

For current prices on my custom Lyres and Kinnors, please email me with your ideas and desires. The price will vary depending on the number of strings, size, and how much carving or other decoration is desired. The prices for a Lyre with from 10 to 16 strings, is usually from $2,500  and up. This base price includes custom shaped sound holes and some carving on the back of the sound box. Typically this can be Star of David , olive branch, or Dove of Peace designs.

Payment can be made with cash, check, or money order, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Prices are current as of 08/2020, but are subject to change. All custom orders require a non-refundable down payment of $500, which is part of the total price for the harp. This down payment is to cover the time and labor in designing a custom harp, and producing a full sized drawing of the desired custom one-of-a-kind harp.

 I look forward to bringing your Dream Harp to Life for you!      Glenn J. Hill