Painting & Inlay



Custom Carving and Painting

Each Harp I build can be perfectly crafted to fit the needs and desires of it`s owner and player.

Just share with me the Dream harp that you thought was perhaps not possible to ever see and play, and I will endeavor to build it for you!

Harps above, Left: Black Walnut 38 string “Chinese Dragon” Harp. Right above: “Winged Pegasus in Flight”. Rock Maple, 28 nylon strings, with semi-precious stones, opals, and silver inlay.

Over the last thirty one years, I have carved an extremely wide Varity of relief images and fully in-the-round-sculptures on my harps. From winged Pegasus in flight, to howling wolfs and dancing unicorns, to angels in flight, birds in their nests, to various types of Dragons curling up the pillars and necks of these harps, anything is possible!

The neck of your custom harp can be carved to look like a complete mountain range, with crystal topped peaks and silver inlayed waterfalls. I can carve and sculpt the pillar of your custom harp into a fully formed 3-D form of a human figure, animal or a whole scene along with the carving on your harp neck that tells a complete story. In fact some of my harps have both carving and painting that narrates a story to compliment the music it`s owner will be playing.

 The sound holes on the back s of my harps can also be customized into a very wide Varity of styles and shapes. The key for the best sound is to just not have these sound holes to be too large. the shape can be anything from leave and flowers, to hearts and crescent moons. I have carved sound holes as wolf footprints and musical notes, Yin-Yang symbols and Chinese, Hebrew,  or Sanskrit letters.

 I can pierce through harp necks and pillars with knot holes in harps that are carved to  appear to be living flowing trees. I appliqué leaves and branches in varied colored woods, and can inlay contrasting woods in wide ranging effects.

 Along with my carving, I have painted mystical maps, Celtic knot work, dragonflies in flight, fairies on the wing, and many other types of images on my harp sound boards, necks and pillars.

The best thing to do to show you some of the many possibilities is to show you these pictures below!

Custom Harp by Glenn Hill of Mountain Glen Harps













Harps shown above: Carved “Angel in Flight”, 31 nylon strings, Myrtle wood. ‘Oak Tree’ Harp, 38 nylon strings, Cherry wood.






Harp above: Custom carved, gilded, and painted Myrtle wood, with a Spruce sound board. Pedal tension 36 gut strings, harp created for Derek Bell. Crystal ball and natural rounded crystals inlay-ed in the pillar.



Harp shown above: Cherry wood, 34 nylon strings, “Fairy Harp”. Painting is  done between layers of lacquer so the pigment is suspended over the sound board, with light getting behind it. The final surface is completely smooth.

Harps shown above: On the left, Myrtle wood, 39 Gut strings, painted Ivy decoration, sound holes on back are Ivy leaf shaped as well. Middle above, Black Walnut 36 nylon strung “Sufi Special” Harp. Above right, Detail of carving on Myrtle wood 34 nylon strung ‘Star Seed Moon ‘ Harp.

Harps Shown above:  Left, Cherry Wood, 38 strings, left-handed harp, “Old Oak Daddy”. Above right, detail of pillar carving of 36 nylon strung Myrtle wood “Ocean Special” harp. Carved knot-hole has seashore pebbles and shells inlayed in it.

Harps above: Left, Myrtle Wood, 31 nylon strings, set with gemstones, crystals and carved bone. “The Maiden and the Unicorn”. This harp tells the story from the Middle Ages, of that if a Maiden went out into the forest to sleep, then a Unicorn would whisper her beloved`s name to her. Above right, Detail inlay work of colored woods as seashells, in 38 string Myrtle Wood “Ocean Special” Harp.

Harp above: Sound board painting under way for the “Legend of the Griffin” harp. Sound board is being painted with a map and scene from the clients novel. Harp is 26 nylon strings, built from Red Oak, Myrtle Wood, and Spruce , with natural crystals set in the pillar.

Harp Shown above and below: Custom 40 string “Rivendale Harp” Black Walnut and Myrtle wood, stained Spruce sound board



Harp Shown above and below: Custom carved Cherry Wood 46 string Pedal harp. Carved scattered Roses and Leaves on top of the neck. Harp pillar is garlanded with carved roses and leaves.


Thank you for coming to visit my Harp Pages, please let me know how I can bring your Dream Harp to Life !

Follow your Bliss, and live your Life in Joy!

Glenn J. Hill