Harp Repair

I have been repairing folk harps for nearly 30 years. I can do most any work on your lever harp, from major repairs and restorations, building new necks and pillars, building and installing new sound boards, as well as routine sharping lever regulation and re-seating loose tuning pegs.
I also can retrofit your harp with an entire new set of sharping levers of your choice, including the lower cost ‘Robinson Brass Flip up levers’, we use on our Cambria Harp Kits.

Please contact me with details of your repair needs. In some cases where the shipping costs to the West coast might be too expensive for you to get your harp to me, I can recommend expert repairs by other harp builders and repairmen in your part of the world or USA.

This is a 36 sring  Rydecki harp that I created a brand new neck for. The old neck, which is laying in the grass, had split in two.

Thank you for coming to visit my Harp Pages, please let me know how I can bring your Dream Harp to Life !

Follow your Bliss, and live your Life in Joy!

Glenn J. Hill