Black Walnut

When Black Walnut is used in building a sound box, it produces a medium-bright, open sound,  with a nice mellow tone. It has a nice clarity of sound, with nice overtones and warmth of tone-color.

The color can vary quite a bit, from a deep chocolate brown, that is almost fully Black, to a warm honey golden tan, with varied grains and figures all mixed together. Walnut is a bit heavier than Cherry, but much lighter in weight than Rock Maple. Walnut is very strong for its weight.

Here are a few pictures of some of the custom harps I have created over the years from Black Walnut wood.

Irish Harp, Celtic HarpIrish Harp, Celtic HarpIrish Harp, Celtic Harp

Harps above: Custom 36 string nylon harp with ‘Classical’ scrolls. Custom 31 string bronze wire harp, carved in the style of the ‘Queen Mary’ harp of ancient Scotland. On the right is the “Rivendale Harp,” a 40 nylon string custom carved electro-acoustic-midi harp made from Black Walnut and Myrtle Wood.

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Glenn J. Hill