Sharping Levers     

On both our custom and standard model harps, we offer three lever choices. These three are considered the best ones being made, and all three are in widespread use.


Loveland Levers were developed by Robert Bunker of Loveland, Colorado. Most of the over 240 custom harps that we have built have been equipped with these levers, including most of our custom wire-strung harps as well. They are reliable and have been used by thousands of harpists for many years.
These levers have a brass metal bracket with Black nylon handles. These handles are very smooth to operate. They have a short throw, which facilitates rapid lever changes. If you wish you may paint red and blue dots on the C & F levers, making it easy to find the right lever for key changes. Loveland Levers are easy to adjust since the nut that holds the lever handle in place has a self-tightening nylon core, which allows the movement of the handle to stay at the tension to which you adjust it. This lets you have the handles move in the way that works best with your playing style. The tools for adjusting these levers are included with your new harp, which is set up with Loveland levers.

Loveland levers are a standard option on all our Custom Mountain Glen Harps.


Camac Levers are the newest lever to become available.
They were developed by the Camac Harp Company of France.
Camac levers are a silver color made totally from metal. The C and F lever handles are colored with red and blue bands to make lever flipping easy. The tone difference of the levered string is virtually undetectable to one that is not levered. They have a very smooth and quiet action with almost the same throw distance as the Truitt levers. There is no noise from the lever rubbing on the bass wires when engaging.

 Camac levers are a standard option on all our custom Mountain Glen Harps, except for the wire strung ones. Please check for the current price difference, if any. Due to the falling dollar they may be going up in cost.

As of 10/8/2014 the current price for installing Camac levers on any of my custom harps is plus $3 per lever.


Truitt Levers were developed by Betty Truitt of Mt. Laguna, California. These gold-plated brass levers have a small barrel with a groove that immobilizes the string at the sharping point. The result is a very clear levered tone and almost no noise when the lever is engaged. Because the Truitt levers do not pinch the string, you can more easily tune your strings with the levers engaged and not worry about having to equalize the tension.
Truitt levers have a quiet, smooth lift, although they have a long throw. The Truitt handles are flat (parallel to the neck) and have little heart shapes on the C and F levers. These are hard to see when you are sitting at your harp playing. They are easier to see when you are standing next to your harp looking straight at the levers.

 For all the many custom harp sizes we can build for you,  the added cost for the Truitt levers is $14 per string, added to the prices for my custom harp models. Due to the high price gold, this price can change at any time.

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