Hawaiian Koa Wood    

When Hawaiian Koa wood is used in building a sound box, it produces a warm-bright sound with a rich beautiful tone. It has a beautiful clear sound, with sweet ringing overtones and medium-brightness of tone-color. A Koa harp will fill a good sized room with rich, warm, and full sound.
Celtic Harp, Folk Harp, Lever Harp, Irish Harp
The color can vary quite a bit, from honey-amber-golden brown, with highly figured golden-brown and silver purplish-grey bands of color and movement. It is of varied grain with figures of lighter and darker steaks of color all mixed together.  Koa is a heavier wood than Walnut or Cherry, but is also lighter in weight than Rock Maple. It is very strong, and the combination of the sound and color are un-beatable.

The only problem with Koa wood is it`s rarity these days. It is a protected species, and so the supply is limited to what is downed in storms, falls from old age,  or has to be removed when there is needed construction.

Please inquire as to the availability and current price for using Koa Wood in your very special Custom Mountain Glen Harp! For that special harp project, it can take a bit of time to find the right pieces of Koa wood, but we have sources for Koa, both on the Islands as well as on the mainland.

Shown here is a picture of one of the many custom harps I have created over the years from Hawaiian Koa wood.

This  harp has 42 nylon strings, and is designed to look like a pedal harp in style. The angle of the back of the sound board, in relationship to the floor, or in this case, the grass, was designed to allow the harpist , who has a bad back, to sit behind the harp at the right angle, without leaning the harp on her shoulder.

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Glenn J. Hill